In Which Too Much Fun is Had

So, galleons, after my gingerbread baking experiment, I was left with a batch of naked gingerbread people. Which seemed a damn shame, after all the work I’d put into making their sorry asses, so I decided, since it was my weekend and I therefore have some time to kill, that I was going to frost them.

At first, it wasn’t anything too fancy. I went to the store and picked up three colors of icing. Then I remembered how I kept saying, “The spice must flow” and giggling to myself while making them, so I decided to buy some blue so they’d all have melange eyes. Then I remembered I kept calling them “test subjects” and decided I needed some orange because I wanted to make a Chell cookie.

And then I left the damn store, because I really didn’t need to buy anything else.

So, back at my apartment, I set up my little workstation. My final batch of cookies yielded 14 cookies… and I had already eaten one, so I was down to 13. The first three cookies look pretty normal, as I messed with the icing and got the hang of operating that shit again (it’s been a few years since I exercised my mad frostin’ skillz, and I was a bit rusty). Traditional gingerbread decorations. Nothing fancy.

Then, it was time for the Chell cookie. Which I was so proud of that I kind of went nuts with the remainder, mixing up new colors and adding little details and altogether spending entirely too much time making my cookies into a variety of nerd characters.

Here they are, galleons. The fruits of my labors:

Chell cookie. Note the Aperture Science logo carefully stenciled on her top. She seemed lonely, so I had to make her a Companion Cube.

The Albert Einstein cookie.

Battle of the Brogues. You will note that the Irishman is drunk, which can be determined because he has lost his pants and is now running around in his boxers. The Scotsman is probably drunk as well, but he kept his kit on.

Sheldon cookie. Bazinga!

Hulk smash puny cookie!

Codex cookie.

Little Spartan football player.

And finally (drum roll please)…

Left 4 Dead cookies! Better heal fast, Zoey- I think you've been spotted.

So, yeah… entirely too much fun was had by me last night.

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