“A Love Song For the Post-Apocalypse” Peter Chiykowski

I’m gonna sail with you across styrofoam seas
Go walk in the shade beneath the cellophane trees
‘Cause this our apocalypse, and I’m gonna spend it with you
It’s the end of a world when I’m with you

I want to walk through streets where it rains ruined men and women
I want to walk the yard or boulevard by the light of dying stars
I want the ticker-tape to fall like confetti from the broken windows above the square
This is a wasted wonderland, and it’s all ours

I want to whisper empty words to you in empty cities
And see the billboards loom like headstones against the sky
I want to follow the cracks in the sidewalk until we find the edge of the world
We run with ashes in our hair and fear in our eyes

I want to dance beneath burnt-out streetlamps and constellations
I want to sing the song of the concrete in the voice of the vines
I want to creep across your soul like the ivy on the stones
I want you to hold my heart in your teeth and my face in your mind

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