“kALi” Mary Jane Burns

The night sky between the stars is perfectly black. The waters of the ocean depths are the same; The infinite is always mysteriously dark.’
~Sri Ramakrishna

frequently… erroneously…
history sees me
standing on shiva
seemingly in victory..
seething sinister smile
drunk off the blood of victimed enemies
dancing deliriously
on a gory battlefield
brandishing neck chains of brains
severed arms wrapped around waist
sloppy hair-
small fangs-
scary face-
-a marvelous monstrosity-
all signs
that earthly eyes
tell fortuitous lies
soaking the mortal mind
in melted swiss cheese sagas
turning my truth into dogma.
veracity has me
conceiving idiomacracy
word lover
ancient mother of language
sacred Sanskrit alphabet architect
so swift is my gift myths depict me with many limbs
but rather than
sacrifice a virgin life
in the dead of night
@ an altar
built in my honor
just…write me a hymn

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