La La La

In one of those strange bits of coincidence, I seem to have developed slight addictions to two songs this week with very similar choruses.

Namely, their choruses are composed primarily of “la la la”-ing (Is there a technical term for that? If so, I don’t know it).

The first is by a band I recently rediscovered in the depths of my iTunes library, much to my glee. Die Toten Hosen, a fantastic German punk rock band. I haven’t listened to them in well over a year, and I have spent most of this week rectifying that grievous error. As a result, I have become hooked on their cover of The Passenger:

In my opinion, it far outstrips the original (Blasphemy? Maybe- doesn’t make me wrong).

The second song is by Jay Brannan and titled, aptly enough, La La La. I was going to put a vid up here for it, but while his live version is lovely, the album version is the one I’ve fallen in love with (and really think you should hear). Particularly once it gets to the second verse.

Also, gotta love him continuing his habit of including cheeky sexual lyrics (though most of the song is, like 99% of his songs, heartbreaking).

To be fair, beyond the “la la la”-ing, these songs don’t have anything in common. Still, I found the timing amusing.

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