The Horror of Kerinci Seblat

It seemed to be a sort of monster… of a form which only a diseased fancy could conceive. ~H.P. Lovecraft

They are out there, my galleons. Lurking on two Indonesian islands are creatures that have clawed their furry little bodies out of my darkest nightmares and into my waking life. Writhing, breeding, hopping horrors, turning their beady eyes in my direction and sniffing the winds with terrible twitches. Hidden. Waiting.

In 1998, images emerged from Kerinci Seblat National Park of a creature sure to cause the shaking, frothing mantle of terror to descend upon any who viewed them.

Nesolagus netscheri

The Sumatran striped rabbit

Once blissfully believed extinct, after the 1998 revelation it became obvious the banded monstrosities were merely concealing themselves deep within this park. Biding their time.

And now, wildlife researchers have captured evidence of these creatures once again. In Bukit Barisan Seletan National Park this time.

They’re spreading, galleons.

Researcher Jennifer McCarthy claims, “Whether the rabbit does occur undetected in other parks is not certain,” but I know better. Slowly, stealthily, they are moving. The pernicious lagomorphs are stirring, gathering, radiating outward in a silent, beady-eyed wave. And the very fabric of space shivers at their steps.

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