An Excerpt From “Only Revolutions” by Mark Z. Danielewski

Limitless on the fipside.
And just that simply, on my behalf,
I come around. Because I’m blazing.
Because I am too soon.
Because without him I am
only revolutions of ruin.
The harvest of War reaps only the seeds of War.
And I’m now just for sowing.
Here’s how my agony frees.
Annihilate everyone of course. Because I’m disdained
& unsafe. And I’ll take jeers away with castrations & rape,
murders & feers not even the dead will escape.
Surrounding the Scoundrels, Relevants, Culpables and
Tamed. Resolved. Annihilating their tolerances.

Temperaments. Their Gall. Because I’m without worth.
I’m the march of every genocide. Turning none aside.
Riving organ, tendon & joint. Excepting no hurt.
From this Mountain I’ll move, unprorogued, stalking
the Poor by their fields, Hungry with their buckets.
And every town will burn.
I’ll hunt the Strong. And the Lucky. Skulls splashed.
Rolled. Limbs hacked. Tossed to creek beds.
Along every road.
Cities swept loose by fire.
And for those who beg and plead,
Organizations and Outstanding Citizens, I’ll gnaw
through their teeth.
And every nation will burn.

All I won’t forgive. Forfend. Fortake.
I forsake it all with massacres.
Seethe supercooled, jacketed, enriched for
troubling velocities. Artillery lobs, hydrogen bombs.
By me all berms will undefend. All strategies end.
I will walk heavy.
And I will walk strange.
Wealpocked plagues from cities to plain. No graves.
A compass of journeys never
exceeding the reach of my rage. Even the poles
will char. Change our polarity. Until Jupiter,
Neptune, fedup, will shudder loose and go.
Tomorrow’s Five Horizons goes too with a tap.
Superclusters, singularities, every megaverse recollapsed.

And more still. All following to death my death,
ever allways beyond extinction. One and on.
For I spare endlessly only
the pursuit of all I extend.
I’m the prophecy prophecies pass.
Why desire dies at last.
How mountains fly. And deserts swim.
And sandstorms glass before the wind.
I defy the mighty. I turn the meek.
Only an Ass feasts along desolate streets.
And I allone am left to laugh
at all my slaughter Promises to keep.
Where by my staying no else remains.
All now I’d never take.

Because I’m the laws I allways change
and by their change allready regain.
Because I’m the commands every outlawed
command will still demand, and by my Sam,
what I’ll ban with appetite.
For a greater nation shall follow US
and it will be outdone.
And a greater devotion shall follow US
and it too will be outdone.
And a greater emotion shall follow Love
and it too we will blow to dust.
For I’m longings without trust. The pendulum rush
emancipations from Sam allways punishes.
Dust cares only for dust.

And time only for US.
No more spooning anyeveroneway. Not here.
What I must accept. Except
I’m too presently too late.
Sam somehow allways separating me
from painlessness I’d now so gladly take.
But his offer’s too great, a
palled generosity I can never afford.
So here’s my hideous toll. What solitude
enforces. Wrath assures. Juggernauts of one.
Everyone will go because no one lives the way I go.
I’m the only. Beyond speed.
That eager to feast on sacrificial smoke.

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