“Contact” Lenses (or Reach Out and Touch Someone’s Cornea)

Oh galleons, today I bring you another installment in our ongoing series called either THE FUTURE IS NAO! or Science NON-Fiction, Amirite? I haven’t decided, both because they are both terrible names and I haven’t officially named such posts in the past. But we are going to continue our habit of pointing out new and interesting technology that may-or-may-not look like something out of a science fiction story with…

Text message contact lenses.

That’s right- Belgium researchers at Ghent University have created a curved LCD display that you can pop right in your eye. The display allows for messages from mobile devices to be projected onto the little LCD lens.

Now, the tech isn’t quite up to letting you read War and Peace while walking around the neighborhood, but it’s a step in that direction. Scientists who got to view the technology saw a dollar sign projected onto the lens. The researchers see this as a step toward “‘fully pixelated contact lens displays’ with the same detail as a TV screen which could completely transform the way we communicate.

You think?

Beyond the almost mind-bogglingly awesome (and/or terrifying, depending on the circumstances) potentials for communication, the researchers said the technology could possibly lend itself to something simpler- lenses that adapt to the level of sunlight to become sunglasses (sunlenses?). We already have glasses that do this, but they believe we could incorporate that same idea directly into our contact lenses.

…Though if that means a bunch of people are going to be walking around during the day looking like this, I admit I have a few reservations:

Oh my gawd… a Gelfling!

Eh, I’ll live. Forget your smart phones, world- give me smart EYES.

(No, seriously, my vision sucks, and I would like science to pay me back for everything nature is fucking me on, kthnx)

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