Through the Looking Glass

Galleons, this may come as a surprise to you, but I love science. Yes, it’s true. And I also happen to love art. Thus, my geek flag tends to be at full, quivering mast (oh yeah) when the two get together.

Just like this, but less ear-rapingly annoying and more awesome.

A U.K. artist named Luke Gerram has created a series of blown glass sculptures he’s calling Glass Microbiology. And it is exactly what it sounds like- Gerram has created gorgeous glass representations of viruses and bacteria.

No joke.

Working with virologist Andrew Davidson of the University of Bristol, Gerram has made a series of giant, translucent viruses, crafted to the highest level of detail known to science.

Here are a few of Gerram’s beautiful (and unsettling) creations:

T4 Bacteriophage

Enterovirus 71



E. coli

Definitely my new favorite depiction of large microbes (sorry little plush dudes).

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