Everything is Gonna Be Just Fine

If the sky were to suddenly open up, there would be no law. There would be no rule. There would only be you and your memories… the choices you’ve made, and the people you’ve touched. If this world were to end there would only be you and him and no one else.

Early Friday morning, a Cessna 177B (this should probably mean something to me, seeing as I’m the daughter of an aircraft mechanic, but it doesn’t, because I’m a terrible daughter) crashed through the roof of a Herndon, VA apartment building:

“Hey, what’s going on?”
“A horrible accident.”

Apparently, the plane began experiencing some electrical problems (including losing their engine) and was low on fuel. The pilot tried to make an emergency landing at a nearby airport, but instead crashed into a living room. Thankfully, the lack of fuel meant the crash wasn’t accompanied by a horrific fire, so only three people were injured.

“What happened?”
“Got smooshed by a jet engine.”

Both individuals in the plane and one resident of the apartment were hurt in the accident. The pilot’s injuries were the most severe and were described as serious, but not life-threatening.

While the plane ended up in the living room of the apartment, it missed the adjoining bedroom (and bed) of a slumbering six-year-old boy by just a few feet.

Apparently, the child slept through the entire crash.

“What was his name?”

A neighbor in another apartment complex nearby went out to walk her dog just after midnight when she saw the plane drop out of the sky, nose first. She watched the plane smash into the roof of the building across the street, a wing snapping in the process. According to her, it sounded like a “firetruck hitting a firetruck.”

Strangely specific auditory claims aside, the scene was like something straight out of a movie. Residents who somehow missed the bone-jarring crash were shaken awake by neighbors and family and told to evacuate the building. Apparently, some ran into the street screaming.

And yet, despite the chaos, things were quickly taken care of. The three injured were treated (or taken away for treatment), the Red Cross found temporary lodgings for four displaced families, and the plane itself was removed from the building and hauled away by 7 a.m.

“Did you know him?”

It’s still unclear how much repairs to the building will cost or how long it will take. One thing’s for certain, though- the airline better not fuck them on the shingle match.

The basic principles of time travel are there. You’ve got your vessel and your portal, and your vessel could be just about anything, most likely a spacecraft… Metal craft of any kind.

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