The Taylor Files, Vol 2

And now, for the second part in our ongoing chronicle of Taylor’s bizarre sticky note barrage in my inbox.

[came into the room after being held up in meetings for an hour to find Taylor sitting at my desk, beaming- when he left, I noticed the sticky note by my keyboard]

Complaint @ Sam -your seat is too cold.

8/7/13? [I have no idea if Taylor really didn’t know the date or if this is some code I have yet to decipher] Complaint @ Sam. Didn’t say bye.

[he slid this sticky note at me under my monitors while I was working and proceeded to stand in front of my desk until I said a proper goodbye to him for the day]

[before the team moved, Taylor sat near a main walkway and constantly pestered me to allow him to move his desk into the way to block traffic]

Approve desk relocation.

Please get me McDonald’s. -Taylor [sometimes he signs his notes, sometimes he doesn’t- at this point, he doesn’t need to, as I immediately recognize his handwriting]

P.S. I’ll pay you back someday.

[continuing his fantasy that he’s my secretary]

Call 555-2368

Ask for Peter Venkman

[while he was on the phone with a vendor who was driving him insane, he slipped this one over the little wall between his desk and mine]

Kill me

Complaint @ AC worker. Crappy AC.

Complaint @ Kevin (Captain). Made me eat a salt packet.

While not a sticky note to me, this text message he sent to his buddy Kevin deserves a mention on here:

[Taylor is already five minutes late to work]

Hey, do you know how to dry pants quickly?

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