The Poopbot 3000 (Because This Blog is Classy Like That)

Galleons, when you think about building robots, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? An obedient household helper? An ass-kicking bodyguard? A sex slave?

Whatever your answer, I’m willing to bet it wasn’t “a robot that shits”.

This fiber optic internet really binds up my circuits, man.

Leave it to Canada.

That’s right- Canadian researchers have created a ‘robogut’ to make synthetic feces. For fecal transplants.

Yeah, it’s a thing.

Fecal transplants are a bizarre (yet promising) method of treating some dangerous intestinal bacteria. Like Clostridium difficile, which is responsible for an estimated 14,000 American deaths every year. Essentially, you take healthy bacteria from a fecal donor and transplant it in the sick patient. And voilà! That shit (get it?!) cures you.

It’s not a pretty procedure. There’s this whole bit about putting the fecal sample in a blender and we’re just not going to go into it, okay?

Anyway, even though the donor poo is full of good bacteria to punch the bad bacteria in whatever-the-bacteria-equivalent-of-a-dickhole-is, there is a risk that dangerous pathogens can be transmitted from donor to recipient. So, Emma Allen-Vercoe and her crack (totally unintentional pun) group of Canadian science-types have been trying to synthesize feces, tailoring the microbes in the lab-made poo to each individual recipient.

Unfortunately, it turns out fecal microbes don’t grow well in petri dishes. And so, the team had to make a special ‘robogut’ to grow their dirty little microbes in.



It gets better.

What do you think Allen-Vercoe’s team calls their lab-grown poo?


Oh, Canada.

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