The Legend of Zelda: The Gently Used Headset (Part the Sixth… Segment One)

I forgot to email the section I wrote Friday to myself, so here it is. In a different format, because that’s how the archived conversations in our chat program spits it out. Actually, it spits it out in reverse order, but I fixed it for you, dearest galleons (we will just gloss over how much easier this format is to read, because it is a BITCH to fix). So enjoy what I’m deeming the first section of part six of our adventure.


[10:19:01]Okay, I’m officially bored
[10:19:08]*doo dee doo dee dun doo*
[10:19:15](load last save? Y/N)


[10:21:51] Zeldissa blinked the sparkles out of her eyes. She was once again standing on the shore of Kolecksion Lake, not far from Treesh’s tree.
[10:22:59] Despite what she had told Yuniss back in Eyetee, she actually WAS hungry. And tired.
[10:24:05]Ekovah wasn’t THAT far away from Therdpahrty. Maybe she could just pop home for a minute… have a bite to eat… take a short nap in her own bed…
[10:24:15]As we said in the last installment, she is a selfish heroine
[10:25:13]And so, Zeldissa decided to travel the short path back to Ekovah. The short, well-tended path. Overrun by food vendors.
[10:25:54]This time, she couldn’t resist, and she all but sprinted up to the nearest one, digging in her mostly empty purse for whatever coinage she could scrounge up.
[10:27:04]”Uh… what will this buy me?” she asked, slapping a few silver coins, a dozen coppers, a button, a small (and very confused) lizard, and a small gemstone on the counter
[10:28:28]”Well, for this, I could give you a nice stuffed bread roll. Cheese, herbs, the works. And a refreshing lemon dri-”
[10:28:32]The lizard scampered away
[10:28:54]”Oh” the food vendor said, crestfallen. “Well, for this, I can give you a block of cheese. A SMALL block of cheese.”
[10:31:40]”I’ll take it!” Zeldissa cried, way too excited and completely glossing over the weirdly high worth of a lizard in these parts
[10:32:41]And so, tiny cheese stick (it absolutely wasn’t a block) in hand, Zeldissa flounced away, nibbling at her snack as she went.
[10:35:23]Soon, she was at the gates of Ekovah. The rowdy noises of the inhabitants greeted her as she walked into the village.
[10:35:42]”Zeldissa!” a voice cried. “Zeldissa!”
[10:41:34]Our heroine turned to see a man loping down the path after her.
[10:42:09]”Kory?” she asked. “What are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to be working in the shop with your brother?”
[10:42:37]Kory just flashed Zeldissa his trademark smile. “That’s no fun. I’m on holiday.”
[10:42:40]”What holiday is it?”
[10:49:51]”Uh… Shop Worker Appreciation Day”
[10:50:16]”…That doesn’t exist” Zeldissa said.
[10:50:58]”I just invented it, so it exists,” Kory said.
[10:51:27]”…You’re just running an errand, aren’t you?”
[10:52:17]Kory laughed. “Had to drop off a package at the Hopkins place.” His voice dropped to a loud whisper “That woman is frightening”
[10:52:57]Zeldissa laughed. “She’s only mean to you because you keep harassing her every time she comes in the shop”
[10:53:42]”But it’s so FUN” Kory said. They had wandered up to the door of the small general store where Kory and his brother worked. As the door opened, a warm voice greeted them.
[10:54:54]”Oh brother, I see you’ve found the beautiful Zeldissa while you were out wandering around,” said Romeo. “Zeldissa, your beauty is like a firework, explosive and dazzling and burning in an afterimage in my mind long after you’ve gone.”
[10:55:33]”Good to see you too, Romeo,” Zeldissa said, used to his strangely poetic and romantical nature. “How’s Ekovah doing?”
[10:56:46]”I hear that a feisty young maiden valiantly braved the Natgrid Forest and stopped it from spreading into our village. A violet-haired temptress, too wild even for the darkest parts of the forest. Tell me, have you met her?”
[10:57:36]Zeldissa laughed. “It was far less glamorous than that.
[10:58:10]*You should have seen how bad her hair looked* Yuniss piped up from her pocket. The boys seemed completely unfazed by the outburst from the pixie
[10:58:49]”Well, now it just looks like a rolled pastry. Or like she did it in her sleep. Like a sleepy bun” Kory said
[10:59:16](LUNCH TIEM)
[12:33:37]”Stop talking about my hair” Zeldissa said, blushing.
[12:33:58]*It was BAD* Yuniss said in an exaggerated loud whisper
[12:36:25]”Your hair looks like a river of amethyst,” Romeo said, smiling. Zeldissa just sighed.
[12:36:45]”Well, I’m glad to hear Ekovah is doing well,” she said. “Now if you excuse me, I-”
[12:37:01]”Hey,” Kory said. “We could use your help, actually.”
[12:37:05]”My help?”
[12:37:49]”Yeah. Our supplier of gourmet caramels… didn’t survive the attack by the Natgrid.”
[12:38:07]”I’m sorry to hear it,” Zeldissa said. “But what am I supposed to do about it?”
[12:38:22]”Don’t you know a guy? A caramel guy?” Kory asked. Romeo just grinned behind him.
[12:38:33]”…Is this just a set up for a bad joke?”
[12:38:45]”Maybe,” Kory said, with a grin to match his brother.
[12:39:23]”I am leaving,” Zeldissa laughed. However, before she could exit the shop, the small bell above the door sounded and a friendly-looking woman came in.
[12:40:27]”Why, if it isn’t the lovely Donna,” Romeo said, turning the charm back on.
[12:44:40]”Oh, Zeldissa, I’m so glad I ran into you!” Donna said excitedly. “I need your help- my husband is visiting the castle town on business and I have to stay home and watch the kids, but there’s some very important paperwork that I need from a friend in Lobi.”
[12:44:55]”Why can’t she just bring it here?” Zeldissa asked. “Lobi isn’t that far away.”
[12:45:51]”Well, I mean, she lives on the OUTSKIRTS of Lobi. It’s a ways out there. And she doesn’t… move much anymore.” Donna said. Her eyes were wide, pleading with Zeldissa to just accept the quest already.
[12:45:57](Accept side quest? Y/N)

[12:46:08]I can’t say no to Donna -____- Yes

[12:47:20]”Okay, fine. A quick trip to Lobi and then I’m coming back and taking a nap before, oh yeah, SAVING NEW OPHIS” Zeldissa grumbled. But she had always had a soft spot for Donna, one of the sweetest women in the village, and she wasn’t really upset about helping her.
[12:48:47]”Oh, thank you!” Donna said. “Her name is Prynn. Prynn Ter. And she’s… temperamental. And kind of paranoid.”
[12:50:46]”She doesn’t really trust strangers,” Donna said.
[12:51:06]”Uh, Donna,” Zeldissa said slowly. “I’M a stranger. How am I supposed to talk to the lady?”
[12:51:40]”Oh, that’s easy!” Donna chirped. “Just recite the following passcode and she’ll let you right in. It’s only given out to people who are COMPLETELY TRUSTWORTHY.”
[12:51:55]”Are you COMPLETELY TRUSTWORTHY Zeldissa?” Donna asked
[12:52:00](well? are you?)

[12:52:30]Yes! …?

[12:52:58](you don’t sound very sure of yourself there…)

[12:53:03]YES I AM

[12:56:18]”I knew you were” Donna smiled. “Okay, the passcode is: Before the three moons collide, they will move together and become one.”
[12:56:56]”Before the moons do some stuff…” Zeldissa muttered, trying to remember the silly rhyme.
[12:57:02]Donna sighed
[12:57:10]BeFORE the THREE moons collide, they will move TOgether and become ONE.”
[12:57:40]*I got it* Yuniss said. *Before the three moons collide, they will move together and become one.*
[12:57:46]She stuck her tongue out at Zeldissa
[12:58:42]*Digital brains are so much better than your squishy human parts
[12:58:52]”Whatever” Zeldissa said. “It’s a stupid passcode anyway
[13:12:19]”Just say this at the door and Prynn will let you in,” Donna said.
[13:36:23]”…I have to ask,” Zeldissa said. “What exactly am I picking up there?”
[13:37:11]”Oh, it’s the deed to my father’s farm,” Donna said. “He left it to me when he died, but we had to get the deed put in my name and it took so long to get it and I had to keep sending in identification… it was a nightmare. It’s been going on for months.”
[13:37:24]”Okay then,” Zeldissa said. “I’m off!”
[13:38:09]Kory, Romeo, and Donna looked on as Zeldissa boldly strode out the door and back into the village. Well, Romeo and Donna did. Kory was playing with a child’s toy wagon on the counter.
[13:40:57](fast travel to Lobi? Y/N)


[13:41:25](whoosh. glitter. jangly bell sound)
[13:42:14]Zeldissa was back in the seemingly-deserted town of Lobi. She saw Benson standing on the porch of the tavern, half-sweeping and half-staring-off-into-the-distance-creepily
[13:42:52]Zeldissa skirted around him. The only other inhabitant of the town appeared to be a very jovial woman sitting on her porch a few houses down, singing loudly.
[13:43:10]”Hey there!” the woman cried out, waving to Zeldissa as she got closer. “How are you today?”
[13:43:24]”I’m fine,” Zeldissa said, smiling. The woman was very friendly. “How about you?”
[13:43:51]”Oh, I’m just out enjoying this FINE weather,” the woman said. “You look like you’re a little lost, sweetie. Where are you heading?”
[13:44:07]”I’m actually looking for the home of Prynn Ter,” Zeldissa said. “I heard she lives nearby.”
[13:45:00]”Oh girl, she’s way down the road,” the woman said. She pointed down the road, the opposite direction from Kolecksion Lake. “She’s a ways out there, but if you keep walking, you’ll see her house soon enough. Can’t miss it.”
[13:45:15]”Thank you!” Zeldissa said, waving at the friendly lady as she continued on.
[13:45:33]*People in this world are either really nice or really creepy* Yuniss muttered
[13:45:42]”Well, you’re not nice, so what does that make you?” Zeldissa asked
[13:46:38]After a few minutes of walking with no house in sight, Zeldissa sighed.
[13:46:52]”I think we should get a horse or something” she said. “I’m tired of walking everywhere.”
[13:47:10]*Quit being so lazy* Yuniss said. *You keep fast traveling. You aren’t walking THAT far*
[13:50:10]”And I would be walking EVEN LESS if I had a horse” Zeldissa said. “Where do you think I can get one of those? You think Terr would know?
[13:50:28]*You just want to see him again* Yuniss said slyly
[13:50:56]Zeldissa scoffed, but her face flushed a red to rival flames
[13:51:10]”He’s just really nice. And helpful. That’s all” she said.
[13:52:02]In the distance, Zeldissa could just make out large shape. It could be a house. She started walking a little faster. But not much.
[13:52:40]Soon…ish, she arrived at a large, foreboding house. She walked quietly up to the door, afraid to make too much noise. The silence around the place was stifling.
[13:53:13]Then she worried that NOT making noise might make her seem suspicious, so she cleared her throat and stomped her feet a little on the steps.
[13:53:17]She worried she was overdoing it now.
[13:53:23]She worried a lot.
[13:53:59]When she reached the door, she knocked on it. Quietly. She was nervouse.
[13:54:38]But quiet as her knock was, it was enough. She saw a small panel on the door slide back and a pair of bright blue eyes stared back at her.

[13:55:45]Before the three moons collide…
[13:55:51]they will move together and become one 


[14:00:06]Umh… before the three moons collide they will move together and become one 


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