The Legend of Zelda: Gently Used Headset (Part the Fourteenth)

A super short section, because I forgot about this until far too late in the day today.


(15:21) Sam: *doo doo dee dooooooooooooooooo*

(15:21) Sam: (load last save? Y/N)

(15:21) Alissa: Yes!

(15:22) Sam: Zeldissa heard the weird little tune coming from further down the path. Part of her was nervous, but most of her was irritated.

(15:22) Sam: Seriously, what now?

(15:22) Sam: She was off to face a dragon. She didn’t have time for this nonsense

(15:24) Sam: And so, in true heroic fashion, she ducked into some nearby shrubbery and waited for the whistling to pass her by

(15:24) Sam: After a few minutes, she climbed out of the bush and headed back to the path.

(15:24) Sam: *Stuff of legends, you* muttered Yuniss

(15:25) Sam: Zeldissa shoved the COMPLETELY ROYALTY APPROVED communication device deep into her pack.

(15:26) Sam: She heard some muffled sounds, but she couldn’t quite make them out.

(15:26) Sam: Perfect.

(15:27) Sam: The closer she got to the mountains, the colder the air got. She was starting to regret her stylish t-shirt choice.

(15:28) Sam: Soon, her teeth were chattering and she was violently rubbing her arms for warmth. Every step was harder and harder, the cold seeping into her joints.

(15:29) Sam: Snow began to swirl around her body. The wind bit into her, freezing her beyond the point of pain.

(15:30) Sam: Zeldissa began to worry she was going to die here, at the base of the mountains. If it was this bad down here, how was she ever supposed to make it UP the cursed things?

(15:32) Sam: Zeldissa was so busy trying to freeze to death that she never saw the sign. All she felt was something solid hit her in the face and she fell backward into the snow, her once-numb face lighting up in agony.

(15:32) Sam: Dazed, she looked up.

(15:33) Sam: “Blue Tooth Village” she read. Aloud. Which was kind of strange.

(15:33) Sam: Zeldissa struggled to her feet and stumbled into town. She could see a light on in a building that she could only hope was an inn. Or tavern. Or shed. She didn’t really care- she just hoped it was WARM.

(15:34) Sam: She shoved the door open and the heat of a raging fire hit her. Immediately, her body began to tingle rather painfully as she began to thaw.

(15:37) Sam: “CLOSE THE DOOR” bellowed a voice. Quickly, Zeldissa shut the door behind her. She looked around for the source of the voice to see…

(15:37) Sam: She didn’t know what she expected to see standing in the corner, but it certainly wasn’t herself.

(15:38) Sam: The woman standing over by the bar looked EXACTLY like her. Purplish hair and all. However, instead of fancy adventuring garb, the innkeeper was wearing a plain, practical dress and sweeping the inn’s floor.

(15:41) Sam: “Who… what… how…?” Zeldissa sputtered, gaping at the woman.

(15:41) Sam: The woman just kind of stared at her. “What?”


(15:44) Sam: “Ohhhh, that” the innkeeper said. “I’m a mistwraith. We can only take corporeal form by mimicking the visage of someone nearby.”

(15:44) Sam: “Okay… so… how were you sweeping the floor before I got here?”

(15:44) Sam: “I wasn’t,” the innkeeper said. “I was just hanging out by the broom, hoping someone would show up. The place is a MESS.”

(15:47) Sam: “Right…” Zeldissa muttered. She was a little unnerved by the woman who appeared to have borrowed her face, but she really didn’t feel like leaping back out into the storm just yet. Plus, she didn’t really feel like she was in any danger in the inn.

(15:47) Sam: Zeldissa took a seat at a table near the innkeeper. “So… you take the form of people who come in, yes?”

(15:47) Sam: “That’s right.”

(15:47) Sam: “But your clothes are different than mine,” Zeldissa said. “How does THAT work?”

(15:48) Sam: “Well, I mean, it’s just some basic magic all mistwraiths have,” the innkeeper babbled. “We can’t form bodies, but we can form simple illusions.”

(15:48) Sam: “So the clothes aren’t real?”

(15:48) Sam: “Technically, no…” the innkeeper said. “They’re just magic.”

(15:48) Sam: “So you’re really standing there naked.”

(15:49) Sam: “I… I don’t… no, that’s not how it works,” the innkeeper blushed. “I mean, you can’t see that. You see clothes.”

(15:49) Sam: “But they aren’t really there,” Zeldissa pointed out. “Sounds like you’re naked to me.”

(15:50) Sam: “I am not!” the innkeeper insisted. Zeldissa cocked her head to the side for a second. So that’s what I look like when I’m flustered, she thought.

(15:51) Sam: “Ignoring the obvious health code violations going on here,” Zeldissa said. “Would it be too much to ask for a warm cup of cider?”

(15:51) Sam: Still deeply red and muttering to herself, the innkeeper brought Zeldissa a hot mug of cider.

(15:52) Sam: “Thank you,” our heroine said, smirking a little at the innkeeper. The poor woman continued to look utterly mortified.

(15:53) Sam: “Now… do you know the location of Sssssam’s lair?”

(15:53) Sam: (Well, it’s all late and junk)

(15:53) Sam: (Save game? Y/N)

(15:53) Alissa: Yes!

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